Plots | How to select first n rows of data to plot?

Here is a style that allows you to select the rows N through M (inclusive, starting at 0) by specifying select coords between index={N}{M}. To select the first N points, you would specify select coords between index={0}{N-1}.

It is based on the explanation of the filter point style in the pgfplots manual. There is also an oppposite style that is already part of pgfplots: skip coords between index={N}{M}discards all points that are inside the range N to M.


% Style to select only points from #1 to #2 (inclusive)
\pgfplotsset{select coords between index/.style 2 args={
    x filter/.code={

 X    Y
-3    9      %  0 left out
-2    4      %  1 plotted
-1    1      %  2 plotted
-0.5  0.25   %  3 plotted
 0    0      %  4 plotted
 0.5  0.25   %  5 plotted
 1    1      %  6 left out
 2    4      %  7 left out
 3    9      %  8 left out

        \addplot [select coords between index={1}{5}] table {data.txt};

Image: Designed by jcomp/Freepik
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